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Lithgow lights

LithgowLights is the only site dedicated to Animated Christmas Lights in Lithgow, NSW, Australia. Since our beginning in 2007 we have raised $40,870 for charity, including $38,035 for our current charity, Redkite.

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2021.

Current projects

2020 - Updated Rose Garden box
2021 Light Show Build

The build for 2021 light show.

2020 - Display
2020 Light Show roundup

Funds raised for Redkite, and images of the building of the 2020 display, plus videos of some of the new songs.


By delivering specialised childhood cancer counselling and support, Redkite aims to alleviate the challenges young people and their families experience throughout the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and beyond.

The organisation was founded in 1983 and prior to August 2005 was known as The Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children in Australia.

Redkite spends 100% of all net income raised from fundraising activities on services to the children and their families, and Lithgowlights has been a proud supporter of Redkite for over 12 years, and this support will continue into 2021 and beyond.


Previous Years

Links to 2003-2020 light displays. Please click on the image to view the year. Information on the builds as well as images and videos of the displays are shown for most years.

2003 - Outside
2003 Display (Static)
2008 Display
2015 Display
2019 Display
2005 - Outside
2005 Display (Static)
2009 Display
2012 Display
2016 Display
2020 - Display
2020 Display
2006 - Outside 3
2006 Display (Static)
2010 Display
2013 Display
2017 Display
2007 Display
2011 Display
2014 Display
2018 Display

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